Prairie Road Farms 

Prairie Road Walkers

Prairie Road Walkers strives to provide Walkers with excellent gait, conformation, and temperament. We do extensive research prior to selecting our breeding mares and studs. We believe in limiting line breeding and in general want to maintain strong natural genetic lines for the future of the breed.

We imprint all of our foals at birth and continue training during the first months at the farm.  We continue to expose the foals to increasing complex situations during the first two years and begin saddle riding after two years of age in short duration training periods.  The animals are exposed to dogs, goats, pheasants, water, farm and construction equipment and anything else that is available.  Our size permits us to work with each horse every day.

Please take a moment and look at our gelding and mares.

We do offer select animals for sale - see our Walkers for Sale page.  We verify that all sales are to good and knowledgeable horse owners only.

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