Prairie Road Farms 

Horse Training and Humor

Please scroll through photographs which show some of the training we do with our foals.  Becuase of the type of training we often see humor in what is going on around the farm.  We hope you will too.

All photos are available for sale. These photographs represent just a small portion of my  "humor" gallery. I'm also scheduling site visits to take photos at your home/farm/ranch.

Please contact me for more information and price list.



One week old and getting used to the halter.

Meeting one of my "sisters".

Learning the ropes from one of my "sisters".

Mom made it look sooo easy!

After a hard day of training I really need to have my feet soaked!

Houdini said I could do it!

I'm gonna break out of here!

Now they want me to read!

Where are the fashion police when you need them?

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