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Prairie Road Walkers - Geldings

    Haakon - our three year old gelding.

Shaker’s Gold Dust Haakon (Haak)


Haak’s Sire is TIME SLIPS AWAY, the horse on the cover of Brenda Imus’ book Gaits of Gold. Haak’s dam is our Valhrona.  His lines also include Sun’s Delight D, Mack K’s Handshaker, Chances Gold Dust H. and Another Masterpiece. His forehead marking is in the shape of a “6” for the year he was born (2006). He is the gentlest of horses, and has not been ridden many miles yet, but we have had no problems with him at all and look forward to progressing with his training this summer. So far, he is “bombproof” and he might make a great parade horse—he likes flags!!



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