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Do you have a specific bloodline you would like in your foal? You may elect to reserve one of our mares for selected AI breeding with the stud of your choice.  Please contact us for information on this service and pricing.  We will provide a more complete lineage of the mare you select upon request.

Our three mares.


Chance of a Lucky Charm (Valrhona or “VAL”)


This horse had the barn name “Angel” when I purchased her as a two year old --- I did not care for the name, so I changed it to Valrhona  (ie, the baking chocolate Martha Stewart uses) as she is a very pretty chocolate brown in color (officially a “smoky black”); however, I found she is really an angel…she is the gentlest of  horses. She is large horse – just over 16 hands and is a great trail horse….she has such a powerful rear end – loves to charge up the hills and she has a cantor to die for!!!!! Her lineage includes on the sire's side: Chances Gold Dust H and Midnight Sun (WGC); on the dams side: Another Masterpiece (WGC) by Ebony Masterpiece (WGC), and Sun's Delight D. (WGC) and Midnight Sun (WGC).


Bandito’s Intruder (Bandit)


This very “elegant” looking black (no white) horse – has the most beautiful light and airy walk – she should be a show horse!  Her top line bloodlines include her Grandsire The Pusher C.G (WGC).  She also has lines to Sun’s Delight D. (WGC), Go Boy, Midnight Sun (WGC) and Pride of Midnight.  Her flat walk and running walk are awesome.  This horse really has the head bob and will even click her teeth when she really gets into the walk!


Extra’s Lady in Red

Ruby is a gorgeous blood bay and has an exceptionally pretty face!  Her sire is Extra Cash sired by Coin’s Hard  Cash (WGC); her papers also include Merry Go Boy (WGC), Pride of Midnight, and Ebony’s Mountain Man (WGC).  Ruby has a lot of  “go” on the trail.  Ruby is also the horse we put “never ridden a horse before” folks on!  Ruby just loves everyone.

Sadie (at two weks of age in June 2007)
(a new photo will be coming as soon as she shed's her winter coat)

Night Shade's Lady Cash

Sadie is beautiful blood bay  just like her Dam, our Extra's Lady in Red.  Her sire is The Black Night Shade (WGC) with lineage to Poison, The Pushover (WGC), The Pusher (WGC) and Superstock (WGC) and Pride's Final Edition (WGC).  Her dam is Extra's Lady in Red whose sire is Extra Cash with lineage to Coin’s Hard  Cash (WGC), Merry Go Boy (WGC), Pride of Midnight, and Ebony’s Mountain Man (WGC). 

                Sadie will be available for breeding in 2010.

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